Bathroom remodeling is the most popular home improvement and might seem like a complex task sometimes but proper planning can help you get the look and feel you want just like when entering a relaxing temple without spending a fortune.

 How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

Depending on the size from small to a master bathroom and many other factors like material, area size, pattern, complexity, waterproofing,  etc. The price can range anywhere from $2000 - $30 000.  Give us a call and we'll be happy to work with your budget and make that bathroom project come to life, you'll be glad you did!


Kitchen backsplashes are very decorative, water resistant and can be made from various sturdy materials to prevent splashes from damaging your kitchen's walls behind your countertop and cooktop they also add that beautifull new look to your kitchen, shows your unique style and personal taste with endless options.

Tile prices can vary from $2 to $100 dollars per Sq./Ft. depending on what type of material is being used i.e. glass, ceramic, marble, onyx, etc. and usually spending roughly between $900-2500 including labor, price factors includes finish type, style, area, pattern complexity, and level of dificulty. This could depend on whether the area has one or multiple electrical outlets, doors, windows, etc. 

Don't hire Cheech and Chong to ruin your expensive tile and then be reminded everytime you go to your kitchen that should have called us at NITTO Tile Works to do the job right, from preparing the working area like dustfree sanding, cleaning and plastic covering of counters to the installation process with precision cutting and proper tools to do the job right.


People in the market for a new home will often overlook homes with bad flooring and are willing to pay a premium for a good flooring because not only they look better they are also easy to maintain, enviromental friendly, water damage resistant, more hygienic, improves your indoor air quality and most important it will increase the resale value of you home, so this is a win win win situation, dont think twice and contact us 



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